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Special Notice #132: Update of Alert Notice 389 - Spectroscopic observations of VY Scl

November 17, 2008

Dr. Steve Howell (NOAO) informs the AAVSO that the spectroscopic observations of VY Scl announced in AAVSO Alert Notice 389 have an "80 percent chance" of being made tonight (2008 November 17/18 -- JD 2454788.5) at the VLT.  The observation time is not certain due to queue scheduling, but an observation within the next few days is highly likely.  Observers are asked to continue monitoring VY Scl for the remainder of this week (through 2008 November 23, JD 2454794) to provide a photometric baseline for the spectroscopy.

Please obtain the highest S/N photometry possible, balancing signal-to-noise considerations with practical limits on exposure times.  As stated in Alert Notice 389, please limit exposure times to 900 seconds or less; please aim for a S/N of at least 10 if doing so is practical.  Filtered observations are preferred but not required.

VY Scl is located at RA: 23 29 00.50 , Dec: -29 46 46.0 (J2000)

Charts may be plotted using VSP:

Please report all observations to the AAVSO as "VY SCL".

Many, many thanks to all observers who have contributed observations so far!

Clear skies,

Matthew Templeton


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