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Special Notice #149: Outburst of the suspected eclipsing polar CSS 081231:071126+440405 [V808 Aur]

AAVSO Special Notice #149

Outburst of the suspected eclipsing polar CSS 081231:071126+440405
March 26, 2009

Observer Arto Oksanen reports that the deeply-eclipsing polar CSS 081231:071126+440405 [V808 Aur] appears to have re-entered a bright state immediately after declining from a previous bright phase last week. Observations are ongoing, but he reports that the star reached a peak magnitude of CV=14.8 near the time of eclipse around JD 2454917.35 (2009 March 26.85 UT).  

Arto Oksanen has provided a light curve showing the present light curve versus last night's, clearly showing the brightening over the past day:

Observations of this very interesting source are encouraged during the current bright event through its eventual fade.  Eclipses of this star are extremely short, and it is likely that you will not detect the object in full eclipse.  Please balance integration times between good signal to noise and good time resolution, at least outside of full eclipse.  Filtered photometry is only encouraged for larger-aperture telescopes.

CSS 081231:071126+440405 is located at the following coordinates (J2000):

RA: 07 11 25.99 , Dec: +44 04 05.0

Charts for this object may be plotted using VSP:

Please submit data to the AAVSO with the name "CSS 081231:071126+440405".

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.


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