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Special Notice #173: Nova Sgr 2009 No. 4 [V5584 Sgr]

AAVSO Special Notice #173

Nova Sgr 2009 No. 4
October 26, 2009

Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams Electronic Telegram No. 1994 (Daniel W. E. Green, ed.) reports the discovery of an apparent nova [V5584 Sgr] by Koichi Nishiyama, Kurume, Fukuoka-ken, Japan, and Fujio Kabashima, Miyaki-cho, Saga-ken, Japan, at magnitude 9.3 on two 60-s unfiltered CCD frames taken on Oct. 26.439 and 26.440 UT. Five unfiltered CCD frames taken around Oct. 26.455 yielded mag 9.3 and the following position: 

R.A. 18:31:32.79, Decl. -16:19:07.5 (equinox 2000.0).

Nothing is visible at this position on survey frames taken on Oct. 20.449 (limiting mag 13.9) and 21.451 (limiting mag 13.4). Following posting on the Central Bureau's unconfirmed-objects webpage, P. Corelli, Pagnacco, Italy, writes that his 10-s CCD frame taken on Oct. 26.764 yields mag 9.3 and position end figures 32.79s, 07.8"; he adds that nothing is visible at this position on a Palomar plate (limiting mag 21.0).

Finder charts may be plotted by entering the coordinates above into AAVSO VSP:

N SGR 2009#4 has been added to VSX and been assigned the identifier VSX J183132.7-161907 and the AUID 000-BJQ-768. Please report observations to the AAVSO International Database as N SGR 2009#4.

Good observing,

Elizabeth O. Waagen, AAVSO

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