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Special Notice #182: More on the variable in Eridanus [KT Eri]

AAVSO Special Notice #182

More on the variable in Eridanus
November 26, 2009

This new variable object in Eridanus [KT Eri], originally called a possible nova in CBET 2050, is most likely a WZ Sge variable.  It matches closely the coordinates of GSC1.2 05325-01837, listed in that catalog at 14.76mag. At the peak outburst magnitude of 7.3, this is about 7.5 magnitudes amplitude, within the range of a galactic variable and lower than a typical nova.  It appears to be fading and is about V=8.5 right now.  However, WZ Sge cataclysmic variables have a complex light curve and the star may rebrighten.  We are awaiting spectral confirmation and possible GCVS naming, and will pass on that information as soon as possible.

As mentioned in Special Notice 181, the star has been entered as VSX J044754.2-101043 and now has an AUID of 000-BJR-847.  You can submit observations to the AAVSO with either identifier.  We have a preliminary sequence from Mati Morel, and have obtained BVRI imagery using the Bright Star Monitor at Astrokolkhoz Observatory which we will use to construct a multiwavelength sequence tomorrow (it is a national holiday in the U.S. today).

This is a good target for time series photometry, and at its current brightness, we highly recommend using filters.  Larger telescopes should consider B or even U filters.

Arne Henden

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