Special Notice #3: Possible New Nova/Dwarf Nova in Hya

January 27, 2006: Grzegorz Pojmanski, Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory, reports on a possible new nova or dwarf nova discovered by the ASAS3V instrument. The previously unobserved object was first detected by ASAS3V at RA = 10h 22m 22s DEC = -15d 42'.4 (assumed J2000) on Jan 26.245 UT at magnitude 12.219 in V.

Complete ASAS-3 CCD V observations of the new object:

Jan 23.260 <14 Jan 26.245 12.219 Err: 0.047

Jan 27.346 12.476 Err: 0.084

Jan 27.349 12.492 Err: 0.076

Jan 27.352 12.469 Err: 0.084

Pojmanski reports that one star is located close to this position in the USNOB catalog:

# id                | RA                | DEC             | B1     | R1   | B2   | R2   | I2     |

0742-0227702 10:25:22.2433 -15:42:22.030 19.32 18.95 19.12 19.10 18.75

ASAS3V light curve and images can be found at the following URL: http://www.astrouw.edu.pl/cgi-asas/asas_disc/102522-1542.4,3755

Visual and CCD confirmation is needed. Please observe and report your observations to the AAVSO as soon as possible as: 1020-15 ASAS102515

This special notice was compiled by: A. Price.


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