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Special Notice #310: Continued observing of V452 Cas requested

November 15, 2012: As announced in [baavss-alert] on 15 November 2012, Dr. Chris Lloyd (University of Sussex) has requested that the SU UMa-type dwarf nova V452 Cas continue to be observed in order to maintain the good historical coverage of its superoutbursts. He writes: "Over the past several years we have accumulated enviable coverage of V452 Cas' superoutbursts but the general monitoring has dropped off recently as people have moved on to more interesting objects. I would like to enter a plea to monitor V452 Cas over the next couple of months to catch the next predicted superoutburst around Dec 11 particularly as the one in July was missed. There is usually slack of +/- 30 days in these predictions. The following superoutburst is expected around 2013 May 7 just in case you're interested. Please report any observations in the usual way. Thank you."

Observations in the AAVSO International Database show that V452 Cas varies from 14.6-15.0V at maximum to 21.6V at minimum.

Coordinates: RA  00 52 18.02   Dec  +53 51 50.3 (2000)

Charts for V452 Cas may be created using VSP (

Please report observations to the AAVSO International Database as V452 CAS.

This AAVSO Special Notice was compiled by Elizabeth O. Waagen.


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