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Special Notice #4: Outburst of 1137+72 DO Dra

February 6, 2006: The DQ Her-type (intermediate polar) magnetic variable DO Dra is in outburst. This star has outbursts at irregular intervals that last only 4-5 days. The
last outburst reported in the AAVSO International Database occurred in March
2005, when the star reached visual magnitude 11.2.

Observations of DO Dra recently reported to the AAVSO include
2006 FEB 04.1000 UT  <14.3 CGF (G. Chaple, MA, USA)
FEB 04.8049     <13.7 MUY (E. Muyllaert, Belgium)
FEB 05.9097      11.7 OJR (J. Ripero, Spain)
FEB 05.9514      11.7 MUY
FEB 06.1667      11.3 DPV (P. Dubovsky, Slovakia)
FEB 06.4097      11.1 LMK (M. Linnolt, HI, USA)

Coordinates for DO Dra are:  R.A. 11:43:38.50  Dec +71:41:20.7 (2000)

AAVSO 'e' and 'f' scale charts of DO Dra are available from

Visual and CCDV observations are strongly encouraged. CCD observers should
use the 'f' scale chart. Report observations as 1137+72 DO DRA.

Thank you for your astronomical efforts, and good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, Senior Technical Assistant

Information on submitting observations to the AAVSO may be found at:

If you cannot access this URL, please contact us for submission details. You
may also use our charge-free number (888-802-STAR = 888-802-7827) or our
fax (617-354-0665) to report your observations.


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