AAVSO Special Notice #430: AAVSO Special Notice is being discontinued

July 28, 2017: The AAVSO Special Notice is being discontinued as of July 28, 2017. This notice - #430 - is the last Notice of the publication.

The type of information supplied in AAVSO Special Notices will now be supplied in the AAVSO Alert Notices and/or in the AAVSO online forums on Campaigns & Observation Reports, Time Sensitive Reports, and the other Variable Star Observing and Variable Star forums, as appropriate.

To subscribe to the Alert Notices, log in to your AAVSO account, go to your 'My account' webpage, click on Email Settings, check the box next to Alert Notices, and then save your changes.

Subscribers are urged to subscribe to the discussion forums mentioned above, particularly the Campaigns & Observation Reports and the Time Sensitive Reports. The forums may be accessed via https://www.aavso.org/forum

Thank you very much for your interest in the AAVSO Special Notices. I hope you will continue to be informed of observing campaigns and stellar activity via the AAVSO Alert Notices and the AAVSO forums. We appreciate your participation and your valuable observations!

Good observing!

Elizabeth O. Waagen
Senior Technical Assistant (Science Operations)


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