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Special Notice #69: Update on AN 358 Mira monitoring campaign

September 20, 2007: As announced in AAVSO Alert Notice 358, we are approaching the scheduled HST observing time for omi Cet (AAVSO 0214-03). Observations are currently planned for 2007 September 23, 19:00-23:30 UT. Dr. Margarita Karovska (CfA) and collaborators are using HST to observe Mira AB and study the behavior of the mass flow and mass transfer within this system. Optical observations -- visual and instrumental -- are requested for this campaign.

CCD observers may now use an updated Henden sequence that has been added to the AAVSO's Variable Star Plotter. Charts suitable for CCD observers are available here:

As stated in the Alert Notice, Mira A and B (omi Cet and VZ Ceti, respectively) will be severely blended in most telescopes, and PSF photometry will likely not resolve the two. Please use an aperture which includes both stars.

The text of Alert Notice 358 which contains observing instructions is available here:

Information about the planned HST observations is available here:

Omi Cet is located at RA=02:19:20.7927, Dec=-02:58:39.513 (J2000).

Please report all observations to the AAVSO as "OMI CET" (designation 0214-03).

This Special Notice was composed by Dr. Matthew Templeton (AAVSO).



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