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AAVSO Special Notice #85: Possible Nova in Vul [V459 Vul]

December 26, 2007: The CBET Unconfirmed Observation page at

has listed a new object in Vulpeculae [V459 Vul] at

19:48:08.8  +21:15:23 J2000

The discovery magnitude on December 25.354 was 8.7; the discoverer is not listed.  No minor planets are visible in this field according to the minor-planet checker.

Subsequent observations by VSNET (vsnet-alert 9780) give magnitudes around V=7.9.  The colors do not indicate Halpha emission, and the object appears F-like (or else reddened) at this time.

USNO-B lists an R-band detection at 1112-0430634 19 48 08.87 +21 15 26.8 with a magnitude around 20; no other object is close to this position in this or other catalogs.

With a very large amplitude, and lying in the plane of the Milky Way, this is a likely nova.  Unfortunately, this field is in poor position for monitoring, so an extended light curve is unlikely. Place it on your observing program for as long as you can, and expect to pick it up on the other side of the Sun.

Arne Henden



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