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Special Notice #92: Optical Transient in Canis Minoris [DY CMi]

January 20, 2008 : H. Naito and S. Narusawa (Nishi-Harima Astronomical Obs., Japan) announced (vsnet-alert #9382) spectroscopic observations of a new optical transient [DY CMi], recently announced on the CBAT Unconfirmed Observations Page, that suggest the object is a dwarf nova. A check of the DSSII Blue, IR, and Red plates yields a very faint, blue object at the stated coordinates of the OT, and the object is present in the USNO-B1, NOMAD, and GSC 2.3.2 catalogs with B ~19.5, but not in any other catalog. Because the object is currently at V ~ 12.3, this indicates a large amplitude, and suggests that this may be a new WZ Sge-type dwarf nova.
Time-series observations are encouraged.
The optical transient is located in Canis Minoris at coordinates
RA: 07 47 27.64 , Dec: +06 50 50.0 (J2000)
and was originally announced by CBAT as an unconfirmed source:
A comparison star sequence is not yet available, but charts may be generated with VSP using the coordinates above:
This special notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.

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