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AAVSOnet status, 2017-09-08

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AAVSOnet status, 2017-09-08

BSM_Berry is fully operational.

BSM_Hamren has returned to operations, now that the sensor has been cleaned.

BSM_HQ is being shut down and moved from Headquarters.  It will return to life this Fall in New Hampshire.

BSM_NM has returned to operations.  During the summer, Dick Post and Bill Stein replaced the mount with a loaned Paramount ME.  This should improve imaging efficiency.  The monsoon is still affecting operations.  In typical years, about half of the nights in September are useful.

BSM_S is fully operational.

SRO and TMO61 are still shut down for the monsoon, but should be back in operation within a week or two.

OC61 has been running well, but now has a stuck focuser.  We hope to get it back on-line next week.

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