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AAVSOnet Status, 2020-04-05

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AAVSOnet Status, 2020-04-05

This post is a little early, as things are changing rapidly with AAVSOnet right now.

BSM_Berry.  Still down for repairs.

BSM_Hamren.  We've swapped out the Surface Pro tablet with a more powerful Dell 9020 micro format computer.  We're tuning parameters, but it should be on-line this coming week.

BSM_NH2.  operational.  We're just about ready to mount its E-180 OTA, and so may be down for a few days when that takes place.  In the meantime, the only operational problem is weather - NE US has been particularly cloudy the last month or so.

BSM_NM.  operational.  We're still working on the autofocus aspect of the robotic system, so the focus may be a little soft at times.  Also, this is a larger telescope and so we're adjusting exposure times as quickly as possible.  If some of your objects are overexposed, please let us know.

BSM_S.  This system is back on-line, after Peter Nelson fixed the CGEM mount.  We have a southern BSM again!

BSM_TX.  The filter wheel has been repaired, so we should be able to get this system up and running shortly.  This system has very good optics and good seeing, and so the major issue with images may be undersampling.  If you start getting data and the fwhm is under 1.5 pixels, let us know.  ACP does have a defocus parameter that we may use to optimally sample the star PSF.

OC61.  NOTE: starting around 3/17 UT, this system is having problems with the filter wheel.  It may not rotate properly, so check your images by doing differential photometry between comparison stars, to ensure the listed filter is correct.  Unfortunately, Mt. John is closed due to the coronavirus, and so this issue may not be solved soon.

SRO.  There are dome rotation issues.  John Gross is going down shortly to check things out.

TMO61.  Still down.  Jon Holtzman has a small grant to upgrade the camera to a QHY600, but due to delivery delays of camera and filters, we are still using the QSI583 camera.  I'll let you know when the upgrade takes place.  In addition, NMSU is mostly closed, so getting the original system running may be delayed.


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