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AAVSOnet Status, 2020-05-22

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AAVSOnet Status, 2020-05-22

Here is the current status of the various sites.  We are in the process of upgrading all of the southern sites.  Each of the BSM sites, Berry and South, are being upgraded with a loaned Takahashi E-180 astrograph, a loaned Paramount ME, a new computer, and a ZWO ASI183mm-pro camera.  OC61, the 24-inch telescope at Mt. John on the New Zealand south island, is being upgraded with a QHY600 camera/filter wheel and a new mount drive controller.  These upgrades will be completed in the next few months.  We sincerely thank the Tzec Maun Foundation for the loans of the E180 and Paramount ME units, and to Dick Post for generous financial contributions supporting the upgrades.  The AAVSOnet volunteers are especially busy during this refurbishment period!

BSM_Berry: currently running with Greg Bolt's private ST8-XME camera.  The new ZWO ASI183mm-pro camera has arrived.

BSM_Hamren: operational on Gary Walker's deck in Cape Cod.  We will start the process of relocating to Hawaii in the near future, with uncertain timing due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

BSM_NH2: operational with the new E180 telescope.

BSM_NM: operational.

BSM_S: operational, using a borrowed camera from Chris Stockdale.  The new ZWO ASI183mm-pro camera has arrived.

BSM_TX: focuser problems.  A replacement focuser is being shipped.  We will probably be able to do some imaging until the new focuser is installed, but no guarantees.

OC61: operational.  A replacement camera and filter wheel have been ordered.

SRO: operational.  There were some computer issues last week, but John Gross has re-installed the operating system and software.

TMO61: off-line.  A replacement camera, filter wheel and filters are being ordered by Jon Holtzman.

The summer monsoon will soon limit use of BSM_NM, BSM_TX and SRO.  This period usually lasts from May through September, depending on the location and the moisture flow.


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