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AAVSOnet Status, 2020-06-22

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AAVSOnet Status, 2020-06-22

Here is the current network status.  Other than BSM_TX, all of the northern sites have been upgraded to the E-180/CMOS/Paramount configuration (BSM_TX is already an upgraded system with slightly different characteristics).  The E-180 and Paramount units for the Australian sites are in-hand and being configured and tested.  We expect to ship these units in the next month.  We've modified our baseline system slightly, replacing the Digital Loggers web power switch that resides on top of the mount with a Pegasus Ultimate V2 12V power distribution system.  This removes all of the 12V power supplies on top of the mount and provides additional functionality, albeit at a higher price.  This was deemed necessary because of the international BSM sites, where 12V is easier to switch.  In addition, it removes AC wiring through the mount, a safety factor.

We have been having difficulties with all of the Windows 10 systems, as one of Microsoft's recent updates introduced a bug in their Jet database engine that causes the Scheduler database to grow out of control and hang.  George Silvis is working hard on this problem.

I want to thank Dick Post for his efforts and financial donations in upgrading AAVSOnet.  With his help, the network hardware is becoming fully professional and capable of meeting everyone's needs!

BSM_Berry: currently operational with Greg Bolt's personal ST8-XME camera.  The ZWO CMOS camera and new computer have arrived.

BSM_Hamren: currently operational on Gary Walker's Cape Cod deck.  Once this system operates reliably, we will start the process of transferring it to Hawaii.

BSM_NH2: operational.  We're testing the first of the Pegasus units on this telescope before upgrading the other BSM sites.

BSM_NM: operational, but heading into the summer monsoon.

BSM_S: operational with Peter Nelson's personal ST8 camera.  He had mount problems during the last month which were solved by replacing the hand paddle. The ZWO CMOS camera and new computer have arrived.

BSM_TX: operational.  The robofocus focusing unit has been replaced with a Moonlite focuser, which gives much greater movement resolution and higher weight capacity.  Ron Newman of Moonlite has been a great asset in this upgrade.  The one issue with BSM_TX is that its seeing is too good, and we've had to insert a focus offset to broaden the star profiles a bit.

SRO: operational.  The dome has had a few problems and John Gross also reinstalled Windows and the software, as the system had gotten very sluggish.  Note that this system is now 15 years old and has taken over a million images.  We expect that major refurbishment will be necessary in the near future.

TMO61: offline, waiting on arrival of its new QHY600 camera.

OC61: the filter wheel is continuing to give problems.  Nigel Frost will take the camera off of the telescope, work with the wheel, and reinstall.  It will work reliably for a while before the process has to be repeated.  The new QHY600 camera and filter wheel have been shipped to NH for lab testing before shipping down to New Zealand, so OC61 may be upgraded soon.


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