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Absolute Radiometric Calibration

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Absolute Radiometric Calibration

Anyone interested in radiometric spectral calibration may want to read a paper that I’ve posted. A method for generating output in physical units (ergs/cm^2/Angstrom/s) above the Earth’s atmosphere is described.

The article explains the calibration algorithm, indicates the source of the most accurate reference stars, gives several examples using data from CCD and video cameras, and lists strategies for successful observation and data analysis.

AAVSO members might be interested to know that all the observations were made with the popular SA100 grating. I am interested in receiving feedback on the paper which is posted on Hristo Pavlov’s web site at:
Tony Mallama


Ernst Pollmann
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Radiometric calibration

Hi Tony,
as editor of the German magazine "Spektrum - 
Mitteilungen über Astrospektroskopie für Amateure", (see for magazine in:
I am interested to publish your article in one of the next issue.
Particularly because this article describes the process of calibration based on star analyser spectra, it seems to be interesting for the readership.
It would be nice, if you and your colleagues agree.

Ernst Pollmann
International Working Group ASPA
Active Spectroscopy in Astronomy

Radiometric Calibration

Hi Ernst,

Thank you for your interest in our paper. I plan to revise it based on any comments which I might receive from readers before I publish it anywhere. I’ve already gotten some helpful feedback from a reader on another forum.

In any case, I’ve looked at your magazine and it seems like a very good place for our paper. So, I will discuss this with my co-authors and reply to you off-line. If you can send a message to my email address listed in the paper, I will then have your address too.

Best regards,
Tony Mallama

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