Andrey Voronov

Mon, 08/26/2019 - 05:23

Greetings to all forum astronomers! Today was photographing the sky near Andromeda and here is want show my blink stars with interval 3 hours. and photos of stars that broke out tonight probably,what do you think about her?

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

YOU CAN IGNORE much of this reply:  I have now found your other post to the forum where you have posted comparison images etc.  I've tried to delete this reply, but cannot.


Do you mean that you could not see this star on photographs taken on other nights, or other times the same night?

This star appears to be GSC 02788-01905, and its relative brightness, compared to other stars in the image, seems "normal", according my planetarium program (Guide 8.0) that uses the GSC catalogue.

This star is pretty faint in your image:  I think that at the limit (stars that are just barely visible in an image), that they can appear different from one image to another.  So I don't think this is evidence of, for example, a nova outburst, or variability of the star.

If you are presenting images for a candidate nova, or new variable star, it would be helpful to include "before and after" images, and mulitple images in each state.

Also, if you are searching for such stars, a resource you might use is   to check to see if there are any minor planets near that location.

I hope this helps.  I am sure that others can offer additional or more refined advice.

Gary Billings

Спасибо за разъяснение,я

Спасибо за разъяснение,я сегодня эту звезду пересниму еще раз,чтоб убедиться,что это такое,так как блеск ее увеличился за 3 часа съемок,я сам удивился...

Еще я думаю если бы эта

Еще я думаю если бы эта звезда мигала от атмосферы скажем,то соседние такие же мелкие тоже мигали бы с ней,однако они горят стабильно и только эта мигае при блинковании ее ,интервпл между кадрами составил 3часа чуть больше.это снято за одну ночь