Wed, 04/17/2013 - 00:30

Today I wrote a very simple utility to obtain statistics on the AID, and one of the functions I added was a check to see who has an observing anniversary today.  Given that I've been wrapping up a CHOICE course for the AAVSO, I found it both gratifying and fun that the earliest observations currently in the AID from Carolyn Hurless, HR, are dated April 16, 1959.  She observed R Leo, T UMa, R Vir, RS UMa, S UMa, and S CrB for the first time (on record) 54 years ago today.  I also noted that Paul Temple, TPV, also had an AAVSO anniversary today.  He started his AAVSO observing career with an observation of Z UMa on April 16, 1996.

As I write this is technically the 17th, and rerunning my utility now shows me a new set of names.  One current observer has their twentieth observing anniversary today -- Adolfo Darriba Martinez' (DAM) first observation in our archives was of supernova 1993J, and is dated April 17, 1993.  And there's another famous name from the past as well: Joseph Ashbrook's (AS) earliest observations in the AID are dated April 17, 1936, and are of alpha Her and kappa Oph.

Happy anniversary to everyone, and many thanks as well!

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