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APASS news for October 20, 2011

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APASS news for October 20, 2011

Both APASS north and APASS south are up and running!  Apogee sent us a replacement filter wheel for APASS-south, and that has functioned perfectly for the past 5 nights.  We are heading into the photometric season for CTIO, and I expect long stretches of good nights for the next 6 months.  APASS-south had a new mirror installed for the blue OTA in September, and now that the monsoon has ended, is getting quite a number of clear nights.  The moon is waning as well, so we're cranking away!

We have a number of calibration tests to do before we can finalize the processing on any of the new nights, but those should be finished in the next week or so.  The usual 2-night completion rate is about 250 square degrees per system, so with luck, we'll be completing something on the order of 500 square degrees per night for a while.  I have another trip coming up, and we have NSF proposals to turn in for mid-November, so the work on the next data release won't begin until late November.  With luck, we'll have something available for people before Christmas.


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