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The Curious Case of ASAS J174600-2321.3: an Eclipsing Symbiotic Nova in Outburst?
Stefan Hümmerich, Sebastián Otero, Patrick Tisserand, Klaus Bernhard
prepub#295 Received October 15, 2014; revised November 25, 2014; accepted December 15, 2014 abstract pdf  

Recent Maxima of 67 Short Period Pulsating Stars
Gerard Samolyk
prepub#294 Received January 8, 2015; accepted January 8, 2015 abstract pdf        

Revised Light Elements of 78 Southern Eclipsing Binary Systems
Margaret Streamer, Jeff Byron, David J. W. Moriarty, Tom Richards, Bill Allen, Roy Axelsen, Col Bembrick, Mark Blackford, Terry Bohlsen, David Herald, Roland Idaczyk, Stephen Kerr, Ranald McIntosh, Yenal Ogmen, Jonathan Powles, Peter Starr, George Stockham
prepub#292 Received October 14, 2014; revised December 2, 2014; accepted December 5, 2014 abstract pdf

New Instruments, Methods, and Techniques

New Variable Stars Discovered by the APACHE Survey. II. Results After the Second Observing Season
Mario Damasso, Lorenzo Gioannini, Andrea Bernagozzi, Enzo Bertolini, Paolo Calcidese, Albino Carbognani, Davide Cenadelli, Jean Marc Christille, Paolo Giacobbe, Luciano Lanteri, Mario G. Lattanzi, Richard Smart, Allesandro Sozzetti
prepub#297 Received January 19, 2015; revised February 6, 2015; accepted February 11, 2015 abstract pdf      

Photometric Analyses and Spectral Identification of the Early-Spectral Type W UMa Contact Binary V444 Andromedae
Ronald G. Samec, Russell Robb, Danny R. Faulkner, Walter Van Hamme
prepub#296 Received October 31, 2014; revised December 9, 2014; accepted December 9, 2014 abstract pdf     

Long Term Photometric and Spectroscopic Monitoring of Semiregular Variable Stars
Robert R. Cadmus, Jr. 
prepub#293 Received September 12, 2014; revised December 8, 2014; accepted December 9, 2014 abstract pdf 

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