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ASASSN-17mt is a nova discoered by the ASAS-SN survey on Sep 24 (, was spectroscopically confirmed (, but poorly covered  by the AAVSO community. It now appears to have been detected with Fermi as a GeV gamma-ray source (

Please observe this nova - it's still bright (about 10.5) and is favorably placed on the sky, unlike PNV J17184504-2454221. We will be organizing multi-wavelength observations over the next days and weeks.

Thanks - Koji Mukai

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favorably placed on the sky?

Well that is how you see it.

From Denmark where I my telescope is placed, it is not actualy "favorably placed on the sky,"

RA 8:50:30   Dec -47:45:28

Clear Skyes!


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Well, I guess we need to find

Well, I guess we need to find an ideal world, where all campaign targets are 180 degs from the sun on the celestial equator!


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