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ASASSN-17no - a missed nova?

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Sebastian Otero
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ASASSN-17no - a missed nova?

Looking at the list of recent novae, there was one candidate that remained overlooked for some reason.

It is ASASSN-17no

This object was found in October 2017 by the ASAS-SN team and rose to 14.1 (corrected for light contamination by companions) before the seasonal gap.

Gaia also observed it bright on February 7 and 8, 2018 (G= 14.7) but contemporaneous ASAS-SN data show it to be fainter than 15.5 at that date showing it is a very red object. The Gaia team remarks that it shows strong emission lines.

It is probably currently rather faint but if someone can observe it, it would be worth. There hasn't been spectroscopic confirmation.

Be careful because it is a very crowded area. A 19.5 Vmag. star lies 2" to the ENE, a 16.0 Vmag. star is 6" to the NE, a 18.5 Vmag. star is 4" to the SSW and finally there is a 18.6 Vmag. star 5" to the NW.


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ASASSN-17no - a missed nova?

Hi Sebastian,

I happened to be about 7 degrees away in Sco, working remotely, just before twilight local time in AU and was looking for some vsx data on a different object via the homepage when I saw your post link  on ASASSN-17no there. Very timely (in a way). I have V,Rc,Ic for your 17-no field (=BML-597) and will look at the images just as soon as possible. Thankyou for all the companion info .... particularly helpful in the Bulge.

best regards,


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