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ASASSN-18ds: new transient (14.3 mag) in Scorpius (ATel #11348)

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ASASSN-18ds: new transient (14.3 mag) in Scorpius (ATel #11348)

SASSN-18ds (N/UG)

"ASAS-SN Discovery of a Possible Galactic Nova ASASSN-18ds":

RA 17:03:47.51, DEC -38:16:57.14 (J2000.0)

ASASSN-18ds 20180222.32 <177V ASN
ASASSN-18ds 20180224.36 143V ASN

VVV J170347.56-381658.24 = 2MASS J17034754-3816581 is 1" away.

Spectroscopy and time-resolved photometry are urgently required.

Clear skies,

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Brightened to 13.2V

Meanwhile ASASSN-18ds reached 13,2V brightness:


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Spectroscopic classification of ASASSN-18ds as a classical nova

"The spectrum is dominated by the strong emission blend of Halpha and [NII]. In addition to the Balmer lines, strong FeII emission lines are present, blended with their respective blue-shifted absorption lines. We interpret the spectrum as that of an FeII-class nova during the pre-maximum phase.


Unfortunately, the object is slightly saturated on the R acquisition image. Comparing with the brightest star in the field, USNO 0450.26357218, which is not saturated, we find that the nova is brighter than R=12.4mag during our observation. This confirms that it is still on the rise to maximum."

If I'm right this is the 6th galactic nova in 2018 and the 3rd in Sco.

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