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ASASSN-18kg: outburst (16.7 mag) in Cygnus

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ASASSN-18kg: outburst (16.7 mag) in Cygnus

ASASSN-18kg (YSO or UG)

21:29:16.2 +49:51:55.9 2018-05-15.52 16.77
CV candidate, matches to SDSS g=22.0, g>18.7 on 2018-05-10.40, V=16.7 on 2018-05-10.57, g>18.2 on 2018-05-13.39, V=16.8 on 2018-05-15.52.

ASASSN-18kg 20180510.40 <187g ASN
ASASSN-18kg 20180510.569 167V ASN
ASASSN-18kg 20180513.39 <182g ASN
ASASSN-18kg 20180515.522 168V ASN

Spectroscopy, precise astrometry, and multiband (and possibly time-resolved) photometry are urgently required.

Clear skies,

Non-detection of ASASSN-18kg

Not visible in 58x20s exposure (limiting magnitude 18.3 CV) taken on 20180530.944 (mid-time) from Z80 Northolt Branch Observatory. 0.25-m f/8 Ritchey-Chretien + CCD, comparison stars from URAT-1 star catalog.

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Still not visible

I stacked 6x50s, 2x2 binning, luminance filter, on 2018-06-12. Still no detection.

Juan Pablo

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