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AT2018cow - what is it

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AT2018cow - what is it

Today, 11 July 2018, AT2018cow is a new kind of variable that is a hot topic in the astronomical community.  I was looking at the light curve, and though the visible bands are decreasing (V ~ 17) the IR appears to have risen, as, for example, we would have happen in the NS-NS collision. However, this time it has been acting differently, so perhaps it is a NS-BH merger. In any case, it would be very helpful to monitor the IR bands as well as the other bands of course, but the IR is brightening (looks like) and the visible getting fainter. Last observation in the LCG is a week ago, so it would be nice to get some more date. If indeed this is a BH-NS merger, this might continue to be bright in the infrared bands for a while. 


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