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BL Tel Image Sequences

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Ed Wiley_WEY
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BL Tel Image Sequences

Telescope “APC->Celestron CGEM 5.28 Filter R” images are saturated at 20s exposure for single images. I suggest 15 second integrations or perhaps even 10s.

BV and I are not saturated. It might be good to try the following integrations: B at 45s, V at 20s, R at 15 sec I at 15s.

Reason: Unstacked images:  B SNR is ca 612, V SNR is ca 675, unstacked R are saturated with SNR at 740-756, I SNR is ca 685. So, there is plenty of SNR to play with if we use shorter integration times.

The BL Tel data are BBBVVVRRRIII for each night. So I am stacking and transforming. I will report B and V data only until I get some feedback.

Glad to share images for evaluation and alternate opinions.


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