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Bright Star Monitor, Texas site

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Bright Star Monitor, Texas site

I watched the Bright Star Monitor Webinar this past Saturday...was very good.  Saw images of the Texas site with the large condominium sheds.  I was wondering if I could get some more information about, materials, estimated costs.  I work for a small university in Texas...we may have the ability soon to build something soon.

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Dark Sky Observatories

Hi Michael,

The DSO buildings are commercially built from Backyard Observatories:

You can check with Preston Starr for more details:

The rolloff at Bill Stein's place, which has BSM_NM and APASS under its roof, is also a BYO product.  Most of New Mexico Skies uses BYO.  They pretty much have the commercial roll-off market cornered.

Skyshed has plans for some small rolloffs that might be useful:

Gary Walker has a neat "rollup" observatory that we are using for some BSM installations, such as BSM_Hamren and BSM_NH.  It works extremely well for a single telescope, but would not be effective for a condominum arrangement.

Good luck with your plans!


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