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Bright stars charts

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Bright stars charts

In the latest Newsletter, a lot of bright stars are included in the list of best-covered stars in de LPV program: alf Ori, eta Gem, rho Cas. When I try to make charts for these stars in VSP, I don't get it right. Is there a way to make charts for naked eye variables with VSP or should I use the older (but very practical) charts? Or is there somewhere a repository for handy charts that I am missing?

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Naked eye variable star charts

Hi Bruno,

All the stars (and several more) that you mention have charts available in the ten star tutorial.

We have discussed creating a set of charts for the most observed naked eye variables, perhaps making them available as a pdf document you could download and print, but our current priority project is to create the sequences for the stars we are recommending in the upcoming DSLR manual. Many of those are also naked eye stars, suitable for visual observers, so we can kill two birds with one stone.

Then I think we will discuss making these nakes eye charts, or adding additional functionality to VSP to plot these wider field charts, much like the Binocular Charts are done now.

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Thanks for the link! I'll

Thanks for the link! I'll start with these charts.


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