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Fri, 07/19/2013 - 15:12

According to ATel #5216 HST will be observing SN 2013dy 10 times in the next month in UV. Observations in other wavelengths are encouraged. There is an AAVSO sequence for this star, it is fairly bright for visual and CCD observers and astronomers are interested in observations. So, while it isn't an official campaign, your data may prove useful if you get on the target now and stick with it, submitting consistent and accurate data for as long as you can. 

ATel #5216 can be read at

Mike Simonsen




Phew Mike ! you had me sweating there :) I thought that this was it ! Yes - finally a magnitude -5 naked eye supernova in the milkyway in over 400 years yipeeee

Keith. ;)

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Need more timely notifications

This Ia SN on the rise was discovered over a week ago! Maybe we need to look into some automated software to check CBAT or other notification sites in real-time and post them right away on the AAVSO website?

Just a friendly thought,

Mike LMK

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
AAVSO Alert Notice 487 on SN 2013dy issued

AAVSO Alert Notice 487 was issued today on SN 2013dy. As Mike said, this supernova is nice and bright (13.5 visual last night - thanks, Klaus (WKL)), and will likely brighten some more, so it is a good candidate for both visual and instrumental northern observers!

CBET 3588, announcing the supernova, was issued on July 16, and unfortunately I missed the text buried in the CBET saying that the Type Ia supernova had brightened from 17.0 to 14.5. I am responsible for preparing Alert and Special Notices, and I apologize for the oversight.

Just as a reminder, or for those who may not know, AAVSO policy on announcing supernovae discoveries dictates that we issue an Alert Notice and provide a sequence for Type-Ia supernovae that reach V=15 and brighter and are in good locations for observing within the host galaxy.

(Also, AAVSO supernovae announcement policy dictates that we issue an Alert Notice and provide a sequence for Type-Ib, -Ic, and -II that reach V=11.5 and brighter and are in good locations for observing within the host galaxy. Further, we issue a Special Notice, but not neccesarily with a sequence, for Type-Ib, -Ic, or -II supernovae that reach V=13.5.)

I'll keep a closer eye on the TOCP follow-up pages, particularly for the Type-IA supernovae brightenings.

Good observing  -  Elizabeth Waagen

SN 2013dy

hi LMK,

As Elizabeth mentions, SN 2013dy was announced in CBET 3588, July 16.  Today is the 19th, so the announcement is 3 days old, not "over a week ago."  The primary delay was an unknown estimate of peak brightness, as we do not issue alerts for supernovae that are fainter than 15th at maximum.  In addition, we saw the announcement in today's ATEL indicating that HST observations were going to be made, and that the researchers requested ground-based monitoring.  That raised the priority of this supernova in our minds. While the Alert could possibly have been issued a bit earlier, I don't think having automated software that issues an immediate alert on every new supernova (which would be several per day, most of which are faint or in confused galactic backgrounds) is the right answer.

One of the reasons that this SNe interested me particularly is the cool galaxy in which it was found.  A good color image can be found at: where the new SNe is just to the east of the blue clumps.  I'll be looking for more descriptions of both the galaxy(or galaxies) and the supernova in the near future!

The CBAT does post all new unconfirmed objects via the VOEvent mechanism, and we have rapidly observed a few novae from Astrokolkhoz using the ACP interface to that alert system.  I think this is a good start for a real-time alert mechanism, but it needs some additional filtering to be useful, which is what we are currently adding with the human element.  I don't think there is any automated method of parsing a CBET or IAUC to pick up a new object, but I'm willing to be proven wrong!