BSM - Berry's Enclosure

Here are some photos taken by Gary Walker showing the setup of BSM-Berry on the roof of AAVSO HQ. (click on each photo for a larger version)

These are his comments:

"Here are eight photos of the BSM-Berry setup on the roof of AAVSO Headquarters.  It is made of lots of recycled materials and lots of eBay purchases.  For instance, the sides were originally the floors in my observatory before moving it to Cape Cod.  It is covered with the fiberglass that Mario Motta discovered from rejects at Kalwall Corporation. They were meant to be used for solar collector glazing.  The controller borrows much from Alan Sliski's design, originally used at the Maria Mitchell Observatory, but reconfigured from dome to roll-off roof operation.  Lots of stainless screws were used to withstand the weather.  Its footprint is about 4' x 6' (1.2 m x 1.6 m) and it is 47 inches (120 cm) tall.  We lag-bolted it into the roof with 15 Timberpeg-like screws.  It has only a 110v power cord and an internet Cat 5 cable running to it.  It can be operated from the office computer near Matthew Templeton's desk, or from the roof with a laptop running TeamViewer."