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Callisto satellite near the star Hd 129978

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Callisto satellite near the star Hd 129978

The star HD 129978 (or HIP 72194) is now much more variable than what appears in the International Variable Stars Index, in this Index its magnitude range is (0.012), on my photo June 2, 2018 we can see Callisto satellite and also the star HD 129978, according to the Stellarium planetarium software version 0.11.0 the apparent mafnitude for Callisto satellite the June 2, 2018 was 6.35 and we can see that the star HD 129978 is much more bright than the Calliso satellite, i estimated that for this photo the apparent mafnitude for the star HD 129978 was about 5.82 then it is a magnitude range more than 0.012 , it is a magnitude range of about 0.51, the normal magnitude is 6.335 for this star.






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