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Campaign on 5 variables in Cygnus

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Campaign on 5 variables in Cygnus

AAVSO Alert Notice 529 announces a campaign from Dr. George Wallerstein (University of Washington) on 5 variables in Cygnus. Please see the Alert Notice for details and instructions.

Many thanks, and good observing!

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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Lacking comps

I'd love to help on this one, but VX Cyg seems to have only one comp in the 30 arc-min field.  Any chance of getting a sequence for this one?



Comps for VX Cyg

Of course it depends on your equipment.  VX (and in fact all the stars on this list) are easily observable visually using a small telescope, or a medium sized one using a long focal length eyepiece.  For all but X Cyg (a binocular variable) I am using a 2 degree chart and a 24 mm eyepiece with my 180mm f/6 Mak-Newt.  That yields plenty of comparison stars.

I don't mean to be lecturing; what is intended is to encourage others to participate!

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The notice did say, "V and visual observations are requested".   So it makes sense to have a sequence appropriate for CCD photometry as well.

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