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Can't upload images in VPHOT

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Can't upload images in VPHOT

I am trying to upload some images as I usually do but although the uploading bar seem to be completed none of my images is actually uploaded in the end. I attached herewith a scree shot where it can be seen that zero images have been uploaded regardless of getting 3 completed loading bars.

Thank you for you help


Gianluca (RGN)

File Upload: 
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VPhot uploading woes

A number of people have noted issues with file uploads to VPhot, behavior different than they experienced in the past.

There have been no code changes to the system. The only variable is that the system has been running a long time and some of the db tables may be pushing upper limits. House cleaning needed. I'll look into this.

Mean while, I advise you avoid multi-file uploads: use zip files.


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