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Cant' upload images to VPHOT using Ubuntu with Firefox or Chrome

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Cant' upload images to VPHOT using Ubuntu with Firefox or Chrome

I can't seem to upload images using Ubuntu 11.10. I select Upload/Quick Upload/Choose Telescope
then when I click on the Select Images to Upload box, it dissapears and nothing happens. The choose file menu never opens. This happens in both
Firefox and Chrome. If I try to use the Upload Wizard, I never get a select test image box either. Thanks for your help
I suspect this is either a java some other browser extension problem.


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uploading image to VPHOT

I uploaded image to V:PHOT, no errors,,,but never see it in my analyzize

where is step by step procedure?

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VPhot uploads not appearing in the Images page

This can happen if your account  has been claimed as a "second" account by someone else. This feature is in the Admin setup screen. Sometimes it gets filled in by people thinking it is the file sharing mechanism. It is not. It's a feature we will remove in the near feature.You share files with others from the Images page.

ka5sma, your uploads were being routed to user MMGA. Anyone you know? I've broken that link so your uploads should stay in your account.



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The interesting wrinkle is that MMGA = Michael Miller = ka5sma


Are you using the wrong user code in images uploaded to VPhot?


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MGA = Michael Miller = ka5sma

Ha! So Mike was correctly using the feature to tie two VPhot accounts together, he was just using the wrong one. So, Mike, contact me at and tell me which account you use to sign in to AAVSO and we'll get your uploads vectored to that account.



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I suspect you are right about the cause of your problems? Unfortunately, I know of few (no) other VPhot users who use this operating system so you may get few responses but we can always hope.  :-(



Cant' upload images to VPHOT using Ubuntu with Firefox or Chrome


That version of Ubuntu is pretty old and is no longer supported and you might not have the latest versions of java and/or browsers. You could try downloading Ubuntu 16.10 and run it live from a usb or cd and see if it works. The latest Firefox version for ubuntu is 51.0.1


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Another Ubuntu user

I also use Ubuntu/Firefox with VPhot. But I don't use VPhot enough to figure out whether my problems are my own mistakes or something about the environment. I have noticed that the File Selector popup window that is opened when you click on the upload button doesn't automatically get popped to the foreground.  I have to go searching for the window (often underneath the Firefox window) in order to select my file and get it to upload.

- Mark

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