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Can't Upload Multiple Images

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Can't Upload Multiple Images

I've been trying to use standard Windows keystrokes -- either shift-click or CTRL-click -- to highlight a short block of images to upload, but it seems I can only select a single file.  Using Quick Upload, as usual.

I'm using VPN to access the computer in the dome some 20 miles away, so it could be a VPN issue between my keyboard and the observatory.  Any thoughts?

My home system is Win10, and the dome computer is Win7;  have done this dozens and dozens of times before, but not today.

Thank you kindly,


Brad Vietje, VBPA

Newbury, VT


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Belay That!

And now, after about 15 tries, it works fine, as usual (???)

Maybe I have to clean my keyboard?  No clue, but thanks anyway, it seems to be working fine again(?)

Clear skies,


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