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Special Notice #5: Possible New Object In Oph

 February 10, 2006: Grzegorz Pojmanski, Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory, reports on a new object detected by the ASAS-3 cameras. The object is at RA = 17h 33m 13s DEC = -24d 21'.1 (J2000).

Sample of ASAS-3 CCDV observations of the new object, using photometry from their 1st aperture:

October 26.013 <14 February 9.390 12.090 Err: 0.028

February 10.327 12.048 Err: 0.037

February 10.342 11.938 Err: 0.029

The object is also seen on an Ic band image on February 8.380 but photometry is not currently available.

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