Alert Notice 345: Request to monitor cataclysmic variables for radio observations

February 15, 2007: Dr. Christian Knigge, University of Southampton, England, has requested our assistance in monitoring ten (10) dwarf novae cataclysmic variables as part of a search for radio jet formation during outbursts. Dr. Knigge is attempting to observe a dwarf nova outburst within six hours of the outburst onset using the NRAO Very Large Array (VLA) telescope in New Mexico and the Jodrell Bank MERLIN telescope in the United Kingdom.

Alert Notice 360: Request to Monitor U Gem and SS Cyg for Radio Observations

November 5, 2007: Dr. Elmar Koerding, University of Southampton, England, and his collaborators have requested our assistance in a continuing project to monitor two dwarf novae -- U Geminorum (0749+22) and SS Cygni (2138+43) -- in support of radio observations with the MERLIN and VLA telescopes. This new campaign is a continuation of the project described in AAVSO Alert Notice 345.  Koerding and collaborators are attempting to detect and characterize radio emission from dwarf novae during outbursts.