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Chat Room

Not well known, but we do have a Chat Room.  This can be a useful tool for meeting with other observers and members as well as potentially providing participants with a quick option to get answers to questions.

There are advantages to being able to “talk” back and forth with one another.

Most of us sign in using our first name in front of our observing initials (Nick), however, you can do it any way you want to; in my case I sign in as: TimCTX

The quick way for most of us is this link, and you do not need to have a password, just enter a NICK and select Start:

The AAVSO also has a detailed page covering all options for participation.  Worth reading and if the above link does not work for you then you should be able to find other access options within this document:

Because of limited awareness of this option current participation averages only ~ 6 members so I am hoping this forum post will encourage other members to take advantage of this AAVSO Service.

Ad Astra,

Tim Crawford

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Chat room

Yes Tim this a great resourse.  I have learned quite a bit using it.



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Arne Henden


Imaging guru and our Past Director, Arne Henden, is often in attendance



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Weekend Alert

Just trying to insure that weekend folks have a chance to read this post and think about joining CHAT

Ad Astra



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If I follow the link in the first post here,  then enter a "Nick", then click start, nothing happens.  What am I doing wrong?


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