Constellation Charts

The Variable Star Plotter (VSP) will let you create charts with comparison star sequences. If you need a more general chart which shows where variables are located within a constellation, try using one of the charts from the table below (The constellations in black are either included on another chart or do not have a chart.)

Finder/Constellation Charts
And Ara Cam Cep CMi CrB Cyg Eri Hor Leo Lyn Mus Pav Psc Scl Sge Tri Vir
Ant Ari Cap Cet Cnc Crv Del For Hya Lep Lyr Nor Peg PsA Sco Sgr Tuc Vol
Aps Aur Car Cha Col Crt Dor Gem Hyi Lib Men Oct Per Pup Sct Tau UMa Vul
Aqr Boo Cas Cir Com Cru Dra Gru Ind LMi Mic Oph Phe Pyx Ser Tel UMi  
Aql Cae Cen CMa CrA CVn Equ Her Lac Lup Mon Ori Pic Ret Sex TrA Vel