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ASASSN16-ma V=~ 5.9

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ASASSN16-ma V=~ 5.9

Posting This For Sebastian

SInce this nova [ASASSN-16ma] brightened to V= 5.9 and charts were overcrowded with
comparison stars, I added the BINO_COMP comment to some of them to select

I am unable to log in to the site so I can't post to the nova forum.

Can you do it for and recommend this chart (X16923Q) to observe the nova

It has the Binocular chart option marked, a limiting magnitude of 7.9 and a
field of view of 600 arc minutes.


Fermi/LAT detection

It's now a bright gamma-ray transient, too:

I know it's inconveniently placed on the sky, but any and all optical observations are welcome.

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I recorded it tonight (Nov 9.34583) mag 6.0 (bright moonlight). It was about 30° above the horizon.

Deconinck Michel
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I agree, yesterday night 5.8

I agree, yesterday night 5.8 to 5.9 with map X16889AU and the use of Tycho2.  Thank you for your map advice.


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