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CHOICE: How to use VPHOT

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CHOICE: How to use VPHOT

The CHOICE course on how to use VPHOT starts next Monday. There are still spots avaliable in this class.

Sign up online at the AAVSO Store-

This course is designed to teach observers how to use VPHOT, the AAVSO’s cloud based photometry reduction software. You will learn how to upload and manage your image files, how to perform photometry on single images and time series, how to save your analyses and how to submit your results to the AAVSO. You do not have to own a CCD or have your own images. Sample images will be provided.

An extra week has been added to this course in order to add transformations to the curriculum.

You must successfully complete exercises and weekly quizzes as well as a final examination to pass the course.

This course is only available to AAVSO members. If you would like to join the AAVSO click here.

Mike Simonsen

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484