JAAVSO Volume 44 Number 1 June 2016 is published



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The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers
Volume 44, Number 1, 2016

Table of contents

The (Variable) Stars Belong to Everyone
John R. Percy 1

Variable Star Research
Appearance of Special UGSU-type Phenomenon in the Light Curve of UGZ White Dwarf Nova RX Andromedae
András Timár

Analysis of the Petersen Diagram of Double Mode High Amplitude δ Scuti Stars
Riccardo Furgoni

Period Analysis, Photometry, and Astrophysical Modelling of the Contact Eclipsing Binary BC Gruis
David J. W. Moriarty

TU Comae Berenices : Blazhko RR Lyrae Star in a Potential Binary System
Pierre de Ponthière, Franz-Josef (Josch) Hambsch, Kenneth Menzies, Richard Sabo

Times of Minima and New Ephemerides for Southern Hemisphere Eclipsing Binary Stars Observed in 2015
Hristo Pavlov, Anthony Mallama, Brian Loader, Stephen Kerr

A Photometric Study of the Eclipsing Binary Star V2790 Orionis
Edward J. Michaels

Long-Term Radial Velocity Monitoring of the HeI 6678 Line of zeta Tauri
Ernst Pollmann

Analysis of Pulsating Components in the Eclipsing Binary Systems LT Herculis, RZ Microscopii, LY Puppis, V632 Scorpii and V638 Scorpii
Margaret Streamer, Terry Bohlsen, Yenal Ogmen

Intermittent Multi-Color Photometry for V1017 Sagittarii
Arlo U. Landolt

The Variable Star V Sculptoris
Arlo U. Landolt

A Photometric Study of the Eclipsing Binary Star V958 Monocerotis
Edward J. Michaels

Instruments, Methods, and Techniques
Monitoring the Continuing Spectral Evolution of Nova Delphini 2013 (V339 Del) with Low Resolution Spectroscopy
Howard D. Mooers, William S. Wiethoff, Alexander Evich

Observing Globular Cluster RR Lyrae Variables with the BYU West Mountain Observatory
Elizabeth J. Jeffery, Michael D. Joner

Variable Star Data
Recent Maxima of 74 Short Period Pulsating Stars
Gerard Samolyk

Recent Minima of 193 Eclipsing Binary Stars
Gerard Samolyk

Education and Outreach
An Undergraduate Research Experience on Studying Variable Stars

Ariel Amaral, John R. Percy

Book Review
Solar Science: Exploring Sunspots, Seasons, Eclipses, and More

John R. Percy

Abstracts of Papers and Posters Presented at the 104th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, Held in Woburn, Massachusetts, November 13–14, 2015

General Paper Session Part I
AAVSO Research Highlights on CV Research
Stella Kafka

The Great UXOR Hunt--an Update
Michael Poxon

The First Results from the DESK Survey
Joey Rodriguez (The KELT Team

Revisiting Caroline Furness’s An Introduction to the Study of Variable Stars on its Centenary (Poster)
Kristine Larsen

Identifying SRD Variables Among “Miscellaneous” ASAS Stars (Poster)
Michael Quinonez, Kristine Larsen

How Accurately Can We Predict Eclipses for Algol? (Poster)
David Turner

Searching for Atmospheric Signatures of Other Worlds
Mercedes Lopez-Morales

Hubble Exoplanet Pro/Am Collaboration
Dennis M. Conti

The Quest for Identifying BY Draconis Stars within a Data Set of 3,548 Candidate Cepheid Variable Stars
Jessica Johnson

General Paper Session Part II
An Update on the Status of RR Lyrae Research—Report of the RRL2015 Meeting (October, Hungary)

Katrien Kolenberg

Observing RR Lyrae Variables in the M3 Globular Cluster with the BYU West Mountain Observatory
Michael D. Joner

Time Series Observations of the 2015 Eclipse of b Persei (not beta Persei)
Donald F. Collins

Astronomical League Observing Programs Supported by the AAVSO
Mike Simonsen

Mr. Birmingham and His New Star
John O’Neill

Impacts of Extended Periods of Low Solar Activity on Climate
William F. Denig

Should We Try to Re-Construct the American Relative Sunspot Index (Ra)?
Rodney Howe

Why are the Daily Sunspot Observations Interesting? One Observer’s Perspective
Frank Dempsey

General Paper Session Part III
Last Rites for Cataclysmic Variables: Death by Fire, or Ice?
Joseph Patterson

APASS as a Tool for Calibrating the Cepheid Period-Luminosity Relation
David Turner

New Release of the BSM Epoch Photometry Database
Arne Henden

A Chart Display and Reporting App for Windows
Michael Poxon

Finding New Variable Stars
Michael D. Joner

The AAVSO Hall of Fame
Mike Simonsen