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Load Sequence dialog not showing saved sequences

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Load Sequence dialog not showing saved sequences

Hi All,

I'm brand new to this, my first attempt to use Vphot actualy, so I'm hoping some one can assist me. I have created and saved several sequences (by clicking on stars in an image) in order to analyse the image image, and I can see under the Admin menu that the sequences exist, and they contain text data.

However, when I go back to my image, no sequence loads, and there is nothing available in the Load Sequence dialog - it is greyed out.

Is there a problem with the dialog, or am I missing something?

Phil Cash

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The post that Velimir referred to gives excellent instructions on how to make your own sequence "from scratch", but you must add the magnitudes of each comp stars into a table or text document before you have a useable sequence.  The process is not complex, but is somewhat labor intensive.  For many (most?) VSX stars there is already an "AAVSO Sequence" which can be loaded directly from the image display window using the menu at the upper right:  Catalogs>Load AAVSO Comp Stars. 

Using the AAVSO comp stars is much more convenient.   After loading the AAVSO comp stars, by clicking on the individual stars you can specify a check star and, if you wish, a subset of the Sequence stars more appropriate to you own purposes.  In many cases, you can just use the full AAVSO comp star list, but it's a good idea at least to designate a check star in that sequence.  Once you save this new sequence with a unique name it should be available from the Load Sequence box at the upper left of the image display window.


Hi Velimir and Phil,

I must be missing some preliminary steps or some initila criteria, as I have followed the instructions given as best I can, but those sequences just won't show up in the dialog next time I go to the image.

As I mentioned, I'm very new to this, so I probably don't even know the right questions to ask.

Perhaps if I elaborate it may help some one help me... I am working on a university assigned project to plot a CMD from a set of provided images. The telescope is mcd30 at McDonald, but this is not an option selectable when uploading, so I picked iT030 at random. Consequently, WCS resolution fails, and much of the automation of Vphot is not available.

I'm ultimatly trying to generate a list of ADU counts or relitive magnitudes of a set of stars in three color bands, so I can run the math to plot color vs magnitude. I was hoping that I could select a set of stars using Sequences, and use this to gather the data from the three images. I was also hoping that the selection of stars and the generation of such data could be automated in order to include a large number of stars. However, I find myself stuck at step 1...

Phil Cash

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New to VPhot


You probably have too many questions to easily resolve with emails. I propose we skype to walk you through the process? Is that an option? I sent you an email off-line.

You need to set up a scope of your own under admin/telescope setup for this to work. You also could use access to APASS comps. Look into seqplot by searching on the AAVSO web search box. Install the java link on your computer.



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