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Looking for a Project

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Looking for a Project

Hi All,

I am looking for help with a project that is suitable for a student project.  I have been doing asteroid photometry for many years but have only dabbled with variable star work so I am not really sure where to begin.  I have a capable observatory with a 14" SCT and Johnson/Cousins filters.  Ideally we would like to participate in a project that has a goal of publishing the data in the JAAVSO.  

Anyone out there need some help?

Best Regards,

Russ Durkee

Shed of Science Observatory


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AAVSO student project page

Hello Russ,

We have a page with observational projects that could help you define a nice project for your student. Here's the link:

Please let me know if you need more information or direction.

Best wishes - clear skies,


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