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A couple of VPhot issues.

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Ed Wiley_WEY
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A couple of VPhot issues.

1. A couple of image processing programs I have used do not have the “VPhot correct” entries in the FITS header to be recognized by VPhot as calibrated. Can someone give me the magic formula? I don’t expect VPhot to be able to recognize every software’s way of stating that the image is calibrated, but I would like to encourage the authors of programs to include the correct FITS entry as a service to AAVSO members.

2. For some reason, VPhot fails to yield a  WCS solution for FITS files I tried to load yesterday and today. I tried both methods. Information seems to be correct on the FITS header. This might be something weird about this set of images, never had this problem before. Has anyone else encountered this problem in the past few days?

Thanks, Ed

Ed Wiley_WEY
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One Issue Solved

Issue 2. Apparently there was some problems with the FITS header. An image plate solved in AstroimageJ uploaded fine.


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VPhot KEYWORD for calibrated image


CALSTAT = BDF  (I think meaning "calibration status" = "bias, dark, flat")

It may be possible in some programs to add this to the FITS header automatically.  I think I saw this somewhere in astroimagej.  The FITS editor for single images in AIP doesn't work.  I use fv to do this.

Does anyone know if it is possible to edit the FITS header using SAO DS9?  I've tried, but I can't seem to find the right tool in DS9, and I can't find this in the Help menu.



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I have been unable to figure

I have been unable to figure out how to add this header automatically using AIJ.  I would appreciate a post if anyone knows how to do that.

I manually edit the header of the final processed and stacked file before upload the VPhot.


Ed Wiley_WEY
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VPhot KEYWORD for calibrated image

Thanks Phil, greatly appreciated!


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I had the Same Problem

CCDSoft doesn't put this in its FITS headers even though I was doing the calibration.  So I wrote a stand-alone executable in VB10 that inserts "CALSTAT BDF" in the FITS headers of a folder of  images.  VPhot now shows all Green in the calibration column for my images (unless I forget to run the executable :)

I tried this two images

I tried these two images seperately and in time series mode.

Got different times and errors for the variables. Why is that?

I included the stars not in the AID just to see if i could report them anyway. The variables of interest here are Z CMa and HU CMa. Stars get listed in different order also.

Just curious.





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VPHOT Issues Again

I uploaded several images to VPHOT from itelescope T16, and they never appeared in my folder!

Since we get no feed back from VPHOT they are just lost in space, I guess..  I used the wizard and got no error messages....



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