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delta Orionis Campaign

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delta Orionis Campaign


There is a Campaign to observe deta Orionis (Mintaka) the right most star in Orion's belt. The Campaign begins next week on 17 December 2012. Multiple observations per night are requested. Because the Star is so bright (V = 2.41), CCD photometry is very difficult. Even single channel photon counting would be near saturation. The project is ideal for single Channel SSP-3 BVRI photometry, however. DSLR V band is also a possiblity. Anyone interested in helping with this project pease comntact me directly at More information about the Campaign can be seen at

Jeff (187283)
Hopkins Phoenix Observatory

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delta Ori campaign announced in Alert Notice 474

The delta Ori multiwavelength campaign of Moffat, Corcoran, Richardson et al. that Jeff speaks of is underway as far as preliminary photometry being needed. AAVSO Alert Notice 474 issued today (2012 December 14) describes the campaign and how observers can participate.

If your location, equipment, and schedule permit, please include del Ori (Mintaka) in your nightly program. Many thanks and good observing!

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Mark Blackford
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delta Ori campaign

Hi All,

I'll try DSLR photometry of delta Ori this week if the weather in Sydney allows. However, I'll be away between Dec 21st and Jan 5th so I can't contribute during the majority of the CHANDRA and MOST observation period. Cheers,


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