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Developing a Visual Observing Program

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Developing a Visual Observing Program

Registration is open for October's CHOICE course "Developing A Visual Observing Program"

October 5-30

Developing a Visual Observing Program 

Instructor- Mike Simonsen

This four week course is designed to help visual observers get the most enjoyment and scientific return from the observing programs they develop, based on each individuals’ equipment, observing conditions and interests. 

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Hi all!I registered for this

Hi all!

I registered for this course this afternoon and am really looking forward to it.  I've had a few forays into variable star observing, but I always stumble at trying to assemble a fun observing program.  In the past, I've gotten discouraged by what turns out to be a random approach, or trying to find stars that I just really can't find easily, or learning that some automated sky survey (or even other CCD observers) has been happily and repeatedly measuring a selected star with far, far greater accuracy than I could ever hope to do visually, or any number of things.

I am hopeful the course will help me understand for what types of stars (or even what stars specifically) visual observations could conceivably be useful for the future and why we think that.  Moreover, I'm hoping that the course will show me how to best select stars that match the equipment, frequency of observing, and sky conditions that I have.

I'm delighted Mike is leading the course.  Can't wait! :)

--Michael (RMW)

Michael,  I took this course

Michael,  I took this course in the Spring, for many of the reasons you are.  Mike guided us through a series of assignments which greatly helps you formulate an observing program.

My program now has 67 long period VSs.  My primary goal was to stay away VSs that automated sky surveys were capturing.


Time waits for no one

Hi all! In the past year I've been going to join the group. It turned out that there are many people who make decisions very quickly. I've gone overboard. This year: saw today was joined today. Good luck all, Igor

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hey mike, just wondering if

hey mike, just wondering if this course is applicable to those who do dslr photometry?



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Hello; I would like to

I would like to register for this course.
Where and how I have to.


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Registration is still open here


You can register for the Visual Observing Program course through our online store here:

See you soon!



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DSLR Course

The principles and ideas discussed in the Visual Observing Program course could be used by anyone to help refine or develop an observing program, but there are significant differences in DSLR and CCD observing practices and limitations that the visual program course really doesn't apply well to a DSLR observer.

You should sign up for the last course offered in CHOICE this year : "DSLR Photometry"

November 2- December 4 (1 week off for Thanksgiving)
DSLR Photometry
Instructor-Mark Blackford

This course will utilize the new DSLR photometry manual as its guide. This manual is a basic introduction and guide to using a DSLR camera to make variable star observations. The target audience is first-time beginner to intermediate level DSLR observers, although advanced observers may find the content useful as well. 

Registration will open for this course as soon as we close registration for the current offerings.

Mike Simonsen


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