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Discrepant observations

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Discrepant observations

Is there a way to search your own observations that were marked as discrepant? (To be able to check them in your logs?)

David Benn
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With VStar

One approach, if you want to do this for a particular star, is to use a Pattern Search in VStar. The user manual provides more detail but here's a screen grab of the observation list with a pattern search for discrepant observations.

You can click on the obscode column (hidden here to protect the "innocent") to order it by obscode and look for your block of discrepants. You could also instead use a filter (see binoculars on tool bar).

I'd be happy to help more with this if you need me to.


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Discrepant Observations

If you wish to have a listing of all your observations which have been deemed "discrepant" please send an email to me ( with your observer code and the fields you need to check things out (e.g. star name, JD, magnitude, date obs arrived at HQ, band, etc.) and I will run a SQL query to produce that for you.


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Thanks of all for this post.

Thanks of all for this post. I have just downloaded the VStar (i don't knowed it) and now i will check all my observations about to be sure that it not was marked as discrepant.

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