Dorrit Hoffleit Centennial Publications

AAVSO Publications by Dorrit Hoffleit

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Misfortunes as Blessings in Disguise—the Story of My Life

The life of Dr. Dorrit Hoffleit-world-renowned astronomer, expert on variable stars, astrometry, and the history of astronomy-is a story of hardships endured, difficulties surmounted, lessons learned, goals met, and successes attained. She has spent a lifetime at work with some of the greatest astronomers of the 20th century, and has inspired new generations of young astronomers. (2002, hardcover, 179 pages, illustrated)—$10.00 (usually $30)

The Education of American Women Astronomers Before 1960

Briefly outlines the meager availability of courses in astronomy to American women before 1960, a comparison of Maria Mitchell to her contemporary British women astronomers, a discussion of the achievements of Mitchell's Vassar students, and a discussion of Harvard's role in the training of women and the opening of colleges for women. (1994, softcover, 51 pages, illustrated) Limited quantities available.—$2.00 (usually $10)

Women in the History of Variable Star Astronomy

Chronicles the important role that women have played and continue to play in the field of variable star astronomy. Includes sections titled: The Pre-Photographic Years, Enter: The Women At Harvard, Statistics of Discovery, Photometry, Interpretation of Light Curves, Spectroscopy, Birth to Death of Variable Stars, and the Role of the AAVSO. A very interesting historical record. (1993, softcover, 62 pages, illustrated)—$2.00 (usually $10)

Maria Mitchell's Famous Students & Comets Over Nantucket
—In celebration of the 75th anniversary of The Maria Mitchell Observatory

The first essay looks at the achievements of Maria Mitchell's most noteworthy students: Mary Whitney, Margaretta Palmer, Antonia Maury, and Caroline Furness, all of whom showed some interest in variable stars. The second essay tracks Maria Mitchell's comet discoveries and her interest in the comets of her time. It also gives a brief chronicle of comets photographed at the Maria Mitchell Observatory. (1983, softcover, 22 pages, illustrated) Limited quantities available.—$2.00 (usually $10)

Historical and scientific articles published by Dorrit Hoffleit are available in the Journal of the AAVSO from 1972 to 2002.