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Editing FITS Headers

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Editing FITS Headers

Somehow the FITS headers for a bunch of files I just uploaded all say that a V filter was used, even though I had taken UBVRI images; the "find variable" function tells me that all the stars are "variable," with nice four-point curves reflecting the fact that the images were made through different filters...

Anyway, I'm hoping that I can somehow edit the FITS headers so that they are correct.

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Fits Header

What software did you aquire the images with? Most will allow you to edit the headers. Then, you could delete the old ones and resubmit the edited ones to VPhot.


I used the standard software used at Rent-a-Scope (I think they use Maxim DL).  All I have are the FITS files that they put up on the FTP site after dark subtraction and calibration.


Raw files

I think the raw files are also available, but it would sure be easier to just edit the FITS headers...

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Change filter

You can change filter by selecting the image(s) in the image list and click 'Rename'.

If you uploaded yourself please note that if you specify a filter that filter will be applied to all images. If they were uploaded from iTelescope I would check with them to find out why the filter is not correct.


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